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In keeping with this month's theme, I wanted to offer this very special tale of the Patient Creatures and Myself, told in an unusual way. I'll let the author of the story, my human companion Bob Beideman, explain the origins and introduce the tale. If you would please, Bob…

Thank you, Carpathian!

For some time I've put together a series of notes, scripts and references about a possible television series based on our favorite wandering spectre. It would feature all the Patient Creatures, along with a few new members, and would take place in a haunted house in a typical suburban neighborhood where they all lived.

The show would be called HOUSE OF CARPATHIAN, and although it may sound reminiscent of THE MUNSTERS, the series would actually be less comic and more imaginative: imagine if THE MUNSTERS was crossed with THE TWILIGHT ZONE and written by H. P. Lovecraft! Some stories would indeed be comical, but some would be traditionally frightening, and some would be fantastical dramas, like the story you're about to read. In many ways the show was planned to be like STAR TREK; using the background of the haunted house and the genre of the Dark Fantastic, you could tell a wide variety and types of stories while commenting on the human condition and social issues.

In preparing the show, I wrote several scripts as an indication of the direction the stories should take. One of them, “My True Love's Eyes Are Moonlight Grey”, was adapted into a prose piece and can be found on this page below. I'd planned to do this with some of the other scripts, but Carpathian asked me to allow him to use this script, titled, “To Everything, There Is A Season” in its original form as it fit well with this month's conversation of death and what might wait beyond it. I was delighted to agree.

Just a bit of background: as mentioned above, the show takes place in a haunted house overseen by Carpathian. In the house are numerous other spectres and creatures. These include the Grim Reaper (“Grim” to his friends…and his enemies) and his wife and family, a teenage daughter named Tiffany and a baby named Grim Jr. There is also Haggatha, the earth mother figure of the house, who's a more traditional sort of witch, and her daughter Cobweb, named after the faerie in “A Midsummer Night's Dream”. There's Elmo, a happy-go-lucky ghost complete with clanking chains and an offbeat sense of humor, and Kuzibah, Carpathian's young devil apprentice. Also in Grim's family is his own apprentice named Belle, a young girl of about six or seven (who carries a sickle instead of a scythe, which she hasn't earned yet.)

(Readers may want to peruse the two other Carpathian tales on this site, “Kuzibah” and “My True Love's Eyes…” to more familiarize yourself with the characters and setting. I promise you'll enjoy them also!)

One final note: some find script reading a bit confusing. Bear in mind that the capitalized passages refer to settings, stage directions and camera angles. Usually if you just let your mind picture what's on the page you shouldn't have too much difficulty. If it still seems overwhelming, feel free to skip them and just concentrate on the dialogue, and I'm certain the story will be clear.

I hope you enjoy this experiment, and find this story as moving and compassionate as I did when I first created it. Thank you!

Bob Beideman

PS. This script was downloaded from its original typed format on an old-fashion typewriter, pre word processor. It's a first draft, and I pray you will forgive the many typos that will pop up throughout!



An Original Teleplay Written by Bob Beideman
for the Proposed Series HOUSE OF CARPATHIAN










































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