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“The days are getting shorter; the nights are getting long;
Halloween's coming, but it's never been gone;
And the times get dreary when you're living;
And the days get bleary when you're living;
And even ghosts get weary
When you're living in a haunted house.”

I'm back.

I've been away a bit, and I hadn't really told anyone I was going. I should apologize for that, but it all came about very suddenly. I also never explained why I was going, and I suppose I should apologize for that, but there were a number of personal items and issues that I dealt with during the summer, and I don't care to reexamine them, so you'll have to be satisfied that I didn't take the time off lightly; it came about after several long hours of carefully-considered self-examination and introspection, and it was necessary.

Some of it was unpleasant, such as the loss of the Tuscan Village Memorial Day Faire to one of our terrible California fires that swept through the town of Lower Lake. I've written of it elsewhere, and it was heartbreaking. But much of it was simply as expounded in the lyrics above (from a song by my human companion Bob) and I was just very, very tired. It happens, you know; even the incorporeal find themselves in need of some time away from their duties. (Which is why some hauntings simply cease for a measurable period of time and years of documented incidents; everyone needs a vacation. You might make the ghost-hunters television producers aware of that…)

Off on a holiday...

In any case, I decided to take time away from not only performing, but also chronicling my thoughts and experiences. I didn't have the energy or desire to expound on anything a great length, and simply chose to wander, relax and hopefully regain my enthusiasm for what I believe I do best: haunting and entertaining with tales both macabre and mirthful. I think I've found that balance again, and I'm taking some tentative steps out into the October evenings to greet my human friends and companions.

I spent last Saturday evening at Arts Alive!, the monthly festival that takes place the first Saturday of every month in Eureka, and was delighted to find myself welcomed by the community. It did my ectoplasmic heart good, and with some upcoming appearances planned for the Halloween Season, I think I'm ready to throw myself back into prowling the Lost Coast and other locations.

At ARTS ALIVE! in Old Town Eureka

I will posting throughout the next week as thoughts and inspiration comes to me, and hopefully you'll find a full, enjoyable crypt of items celebrating the season, along with my latest appearances on my CALENDAR Page. I hope you'll peruse at our leisure between your own haunting agendas.

So this is my provisional apology, with a huge dose of gratitude for your patience and devotion. Thank you all so very much.

I'm back. And I hope your summer vacation was just as restful.

All my Very Best,


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