Welcome to my Dead Letter Offfice, where we feature all the mail that's fit to print!


It was great meeting once more at the blue ox mill works,and on that glorious night of nights no less ! We'll keep an eyeball on your calender for your next event- we did so miss the stories last time,sick with bronchitis both! But i digress- and we would love it if you kept brian matt ( via facebook ) in your general mail for an hello &maybe a photo update every once&a while. Take care of your ethereal form,and keep your crypt cordially cold ! Can't wait til next time& to read & hear more-

brandy& brian Batty ,on yet another successful HALLOWEEN !!!!  ^^**^^

A very successful Halloween, thanks to all my human companions! Thank you so mucvh for attending; I'm glad you had a terrifying time!

Thank you sharing the stage with The Dead Drops at the Haunted Mill. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Thomas Nelson

Thank you for your fine musicianship and making our macabre celebration more tuneful!


I just want to thank you again for volunteering at the Dungeon of Dread at the Times-Standard. It was a big success and I'm glad you were a part of it. There are pictures posted on the Times-Standard website and several of them include you. I will also be posting some on my FB page. Best of wishes.

Mark Boyd

Thank you so much for inviting me! I had a splendid time with my young friends!

So fun visiting with you last night. The bird on my hat is still wet.

Janet Waddell

A wet bird in the hat needs to be dried in the hand...or something like that. A pleasure to share your company as well!

Just ran into your video clips and website. Very cool. I think the personae storytelling you do is very interesting. I'm down in S. California, and if you are ever down this way, look me up. I'm always up to something. (I do a lot of trad stuff, Celtic, Norse, etc, and fair amount of SCA, geeky stuff at various events.)

…I have a huge library of folktales, etc feel free to tap me if you are researching stories, etc.


True Thomas the Storyteller

A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir! Always good to meet another well-dressed storyteller! I look forward to meeting and hopefully performing with you some day! (I urge everyone interested in the various talents involved in storytelling to click onto Mr. Thomas's website.)

On my return to the East Coast and Downingtown, PA for my special Christmas benefit performance for the Vagabond Acting Troupe:

Hey C.,

Did it already happen?  I looked on the vagabond site/calendar and didn't see it listed...

Hope you are well!

Abby R. O'Donnell

Sorry I missed it. Happy New year to you also!

Zan Rosen

Thanks for having me.

Jack Founds

Firstly Kay and I - as always - enjoyed the show.

Second - were you aware that Many Hands Gallery has (or had anyway) a display of Krampas cards (and maybe a gift or two)?

Third -

"On the Sixth Day after Christmas to those Geese I said Au Revoir,
with the six of them I made.... a big batch of foie gras"

That version of the 6th day after was off the top of my head after the show.  Just an example of how my mind works.  (or doesn't)

Happy ChanuSolstiYulChristwanza to you.

David Schlosser

And a Merry/Spooky Christmas to you, my Friends!

On my upcoming annual Christmas extravaganza:

Sounds fun. What country would I have to live in for this to be local for me? The 'events' link took me to my own events list.

Ivan Ronald Schablotski

Gotcha. As an East-Coaster, I tend to frequent different haunts. Have fun. Look forward to pictures and stories from this tomorrow morning!

Ivan Ronald Schablotski

"I wish I could go !"

David Westfall

Great photo of you my dear spirit.

Crystal Guillory-Gould

A bit of confusion from an Internet companion:

WHO ARE YOU? LMAO you look rad! Im sure WALKING AROUND like that on a daily basis freaks SOME people out lolls

Alice Malice

I am as I am, my Sweet. Others' reactions are their own, and I cannot control them. (Plus, here on the Lost Coast, compared to its other denizens, I'm barely noticible...)

Two of my faithful Halloween companions enjoyed the Tellabration event celebrating Irish stories and song, where I appeared with my human co-stars Paul Woodland and Seabury Gould:

Thank you and your friends Paul and Seabury- such a wonderful name, like being buried at sea! - for an event filled with great chills & Grand Guignol. I know my stone Irish bat is content in her-yes, a lady leprechaun!- new roost. Didn't dig up your Hallow's Eve email til recently. You see we keep 3 different emails, 1 for tomb,1 for mausoleum& 1 for bat cave. We'll keep our eyes skinned for upcoming events, hopefully we'll have a chance to dress up too! Can't wait for next year's Tellebration- ever considered Japanese/Korean/Chinese horror? Their tales terrify us, and they have spooky festivals of ghosts & vampires! Anyway, you are the master of the macabre stories, we leave it to you - a busy spectre; take care, compose lots & see you around this Lovecraftian town!

B&B Bats Brian Matt

Greetings Carpathian,

I hope this finds you recouping from your busy Halloween schedule. I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your genuine kindness. 

When my daughter saw you at the Haunted House, " excited " doesn't even touch the surface of explaining her emotions. When she waved at you, and kindly, you returned the gesture, she squealed!  When her and I were vacationing @ Disneyland this last February, I can honestly report she didn't squeal at the opportunity to have her picture taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. At the same time no less!  Then when you were approaching us, she whispered, "Mom, pinch me! I think I'm dreaming!" Of course I didn't, but replied, "Keep dreaming my dear, don't ever stop!"  You're kindness and influence allowed us to experience the Haunted House which was her only wish this Halloween.  The words "Thank you" seem so minimal in comparison to what you did for us, but Thank You!!

Molly is just enamored with you and has been since she first met you at the Blue Lake Medieval Festival back in 2010. She truly believes she is your #1 Fan. I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth (fearing her tears of disappointment) that I'm currently the President of the Carpathian Fan Club!  I'll share that information with her when the appropriate opportunity arises.  Take care, we hope to see you again soon!  

Gratefully Yours,

Monica and Molly 

Thank you for your very kind letter; the pleasure was truly mine!

After a long Halloween Season and performances at the Blue Ox Haunted Mill, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates (both in Eureka, CA) the Arcata Playhouse (in Arcata, PA) and the Dia de los Muertos event in Old Town Eureka, I posted about retiring to my crypt for a November nap, and received these well wishes:

"I must admit the Halloween season is not the same without the company of my Dear friend..."

Hayden Loralye Hathaway

"Thank you for your "cryptic" message."

Seabury Gould

Enjoy your break my friend!

Crystal Guillory-Gould

"Rest deep, my friend. The cold winter awaits."

Amanda Lightfoot-Wright

"Buenos Dia De Los Muertos!"

Amanda Lightfoot-Wright



I hope you're getting some rest after your busy holiday schedule. I wanted to express our gratitude for the kindness you showed to us Halloween night at the haunted house. My daughter believes she is your biggest fan, but what she doesn't know, is that I am the current imaginary President of the Carpathian Fan Club!

Monica and Molly

Have a good day, you deserve it!

Bane Hellborne

Brandy & Brian Bat ( do you have any bat-creatures yet ? If not,you do now ! ) wanted to thank Carpathian for the late night story and fun at the creepy dark haunted horror mill ! Almost falling down some stairs and being ankle-grabbed by deranged whatzits in deep blackness was one of our greatest horror trips ever!  The horror workers were talented & terrifying. Thank you for making us feel like two of the creatures, we hope to see you after dark again soon, we'll keep an eye on that calender. From our mausoleum/bat cave to your crypt, thanks again! !!

- B&B

"We had a great time last night. Great stories."

Robert Hindman

You rock!

Margarita M. Licon

"Just watched the excellent doc American Scary. What a fun show!"

R obert Hindman

I had a grand time with the documentary group, and I'm very pleased they captured the HorrorHost wedding!

Hi Carpathian;

My name is Jeff Harris with the Airship Mariposa and Professor Algernon Steampunk group.  We met at the Sonora Fairgrounds in October of 2011, at which time we spoke and I promised you some JPEG's form that show.  I saw you there this last weekend and it reminded me about the pictures, so here they are.

I hope you had a great time.  I saw you all over the place and also dancing over at the bonfire Saturday night. 

I think the crowd was a lot less this year but we still had fun.  We will probably bring the Airship back next year but not sure yet.

Have a good week and see you again sometime.  (Loved your Youtube videos as well!)

Regards, Jeff
Airship Mariposa
Mariposa, Ca.

Thank you so much for the photos, Jeff! Viewers can find them on my All Hallows Page in my CAMERA OBSCURA suite.

Favorite comment from this weekend's 2013 Blue Lake Festival of Courage: after a very young fan came over to show her appreciation of me, from her mother: "You won't hug Santa Claus, but you'll hug him." Two responses:

Santa doesn't tell good stories…

Wendi Iserman

I would hug you too. I have a fond memory of your acting abilities from my house, in PA!

Mickey Mignot

I blush skeletal crimson! Thank you!

I was a member of the HHU Yahoo group waaaaaay back in the mid-2000s. Count Gore, Dr. Gangrenen, Prof. Griffin, et al. were kind enough to show a couple of my short films and I'm a huge fan of horror hosts and horror hosting.

I'm currently a podcaster and I host an audio podcast called Forgotten Flix where we discuss movies (primarily) from the 1980s. Every October, we do the Spooky Flix Fest on the show and we cover a different horror movie every week.

This year we'd like to have a different horror host intro each movie. I'd love to have Carpathian introduce one of our episodes. The intro is 60 seconds or less and will be pre-recorded through Skype.

I'll be happy to promote your show, site, Facebook page, events, etc. through both the podcast and our web site. If you're interested, please let me know and I'll send you a short script for you to review.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best, Joel

I appreciate the offer greatly, Joel. Sadly, as Luddite spectre I have no access to recording equipment and wouldn't even know where to begin attempting to host. Thank you for asking, and I wish you all success with your podcast!

My young friend Tallulah performed at the 2013 Storytelling Festival By The Sea as a Youth Performer. She did a wonderful job, and I received these two letters, one from her and the other from her mother:

Dear C a r p a t h i a n,

I had a wonderful time at the storytelling festival (and telling at the festival).  Thank you so much I could not have done it without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Unfortunately, I forgot the dates, locations and names of the medieval fairs(oops).  Could you please email the information to my moms email address?

Thanks, many hugs                               


P.S. I discovered colored T E X T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Carpathian,

Thank you so much for your kind support with the story telling.  Your gentle suggestions and logistical efforts made a scary challenge much calmer and smoother.  More than anything, your enthusiasm for and confidence in her abilities shored up her confidence.  I was also very touched by your willingness to stay, if I was up to telling a story... maybe next year.

I didn't realize before you left that you were forfeiting your dinner for me.  That was above and beyond.  All I can say is thank you again, it was delicious.

I hope to see you again soon.


The pleasure was all mine, my Dear. Ms. Tallulah is a rare talent. I'm glad you both had a grand time!

"Just heard the story of the leprechaun vampire on khsu......the voice sounded oddly like my favorite specter."

Robert Hindman

Ahhh, haunted by past indiscretions again – or at least old studio recordings...!

"does Carpathian shop at Alchemy Gothic?? this..."

Bane Hellborne

Actually, my bat was a gift from the artisan who created it. I imagine she's selling them everywhere these days, so I wouldn't be surprised at the pedigree!

CARPATHIAN! He's my besties friend, he came to her birthday party and told us stories!


And a splendid time was had! Thank you for inviting me!

are u a reaper? or horror hozt? conjurer?

Alice Malice

No, I'm not a Reaper, my Dear; my Cousin is, and is rather famous for it. I'm not a Horror Host, although I have guest-hosted a movie and event or two (and am friends with the wonderful human companions and an honorary member of the Horror Host Underground). As for conjurer - well, I'll leave that to my audiences when I tell my macabre tales; you can get their opinion on that. Otherwise, I'm simply a wandering gentleman spectre, at your service.


Come to my show! Can I have your address, and I'll mail you a card/invite?

I liked your show. Enjoyed seeing you!

I sent a photo from your show with this message.


Mary "Trixie" Galletti.

Thank you so much for the photo, my Sweet. If I'm able to attend your show between my travels, I will do my best to be there!

I had some missives after my appearance at the reopening of the Ravenswood Faire in Redding, CA:

Storyteller, I humbly say, Redding Ca as the man dawned with the apathicarian mask, you made that Fair something from a windy day to an evening with grand stories and an experience I have never seen, Thank you.

Carissa Bagnato

And thank you, my Poetess! It was my honor and my pleasure!

Hello friend.

My nephew and I were lucky enough to catch you today at the Ravenswood faire.

It was his first faire and sadly, as we came late and missed much of the entertainment, it paled a bit in comparison to the tales I've regaled him with, of the blackpoint faire and other larger venues.

But we caught just one and a half of your tales and we can call our evening a good one. The drive home was filled with talk of how marvelous it was to be part of such an organic and timeless experience and how rare it is these days to hear a story from another person unsaturated with technology. We both agreed that we'd rather listen to your tales for just a few minutes than spend a whole day at the movie theater.

We'll be coming back to the faire just in the hopes that you'll be there the second day. You singlehandedly turned a potential failed evening into something we will never forget.

Thank you. Never stop doing what you do sir, it was magnificent.

Thomas St. Cloud

You're too kind, sir; thank you! I'm glad you and your nephew had a fine time!

I am rather pleased when I'm able to present a simple narrative without any technological adornment, and simply let my audience fill in the scenes. As much as I enjoy movies and theater, I'd rather listen to a well-told tale myself than any other form of entertainment.

I'm stuck in Ohio :(

Janet Jay

I know, my Dearest; perhaps you'll be able to join us next year! I hope to be there!

Love you Carpathian!!

Litara Angeli

Thank you, my Angel! I'm told that's all you need…

Some Poe/Pooh humor to start your day!!

Sandy Metcalf Philpott


Happy April ole' friends! xo


And to you as well, my Love! I've enjoyed this wonderful bit of art since you first created it some time ago; I'm happy to share it both with my new companions and those who remember the heyday of the Patient Creatures. (And I suppose you have to know of my macabre companions to truly appreciate the humor.)


On meeting one of my latest companions in the HorrorHost Underground, the delightful Daughter of The Ghoul:

aww Thank you, you sure know how to make a ghoul feel welcome:) Cool site! Ever come to Cleveland ?
You never know, maybe we'll work together sometime! Nice Tomb meet you darling:)

Wish I could make my way back west. take care my undead friend.

Janet Jay

And you as well, my delightful mummy. You can learn more about Ms. Jay by logging onto her website HERE.


Regarding my Saint Patrick's Day performance, including my posting of my Irish tale online:


The Leprechaun Vampire was EXCELLENT!!! Such a WONDERFULLY read piece ! WOW! just totally blown away you have a gift for the story telling !

David Westfall

Thank you! And a huge thank you to the original creator of the tale, Mr. Charles E. Fritch!

Dear friend Carpathian,

Thank you very much for gathering us together for a night of Celtic music. Although all of us musicians had never met before this time, let alone played together, I felt we developed a wonderful sense of comradery and grew as artists in our own ways. It was truly a special time, and I hope to continue playing music with them in some capacity. And my parents had a LOVELY time at the show - they were so happy to hear me playing the flute again, and they were very pleased to meet you in person and hear your stories. They said it was well worth the long trip through the windy road. So, thank you again; goodnight and joy be with you all!

~~ always,


You were splendid, and I was very pleased to share the stage with you and the other musicians! It truly created a grand atmosphere and event! Thank you again!

Glad I went. Had heard great things about Carpathian, and he did not disappoint.

Robb Lightfoot

It was a pleasure to have you, Good Sir!


On my recommendation of the recent screenings of James Van Bebber's masterpiece THE MANSON FAMILY:

Your recent essay on Jim and your description of his character is spot on. It is refreshing to read someone accurately describe his personality with respect and love and get it exactly right.

Heidi Honeycutt

Thank you for your kind letter, Ms. Honeycutt; it's a distinct pleasure to hear from you!

Ms. Honeycutt is a renowned and respected writer and commentator on the contemporary Horror scene; she is the director and creator of the annual Viscera Film Festival, one of the founders of Women in Horror Month, and the creator of the groundbreaking websites Pretty-Scary.Net and PlanetFury.Com.


On my performance of“The Pit & The Pendulum” for the World Poe Reading:

Thank you for sharing Poe's The Pit & The Pendulum with all of us. My girlfriend Cat and I loved it. As I mentioned I love to hear a story and have produced some short films and radio dramas of my own. At some point I will send a sample of one of these for your listening. Thank you for bringing stories back into our lives.

Robert Hindman  

Can't resist Poe! Anyone interested in going? I think Audra and I will go.

Amy Thompson Woolace

For such short notice, the event had excellent attendance - once again, a full house. Thank you for the lovely evening and the fine selection of stories.

Amanda Lightfoot

I agree, and thank everyone for attending, and to Gail and Old Town Coffee & Chocolates for hosting the event!

Merry Christmas, Carpathian!

Willa Grant

Merry Christmas, Carpathian!, loved your show downtown.

Rick Horton

And to each and everyone of you as well! And a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Regarding my annual Christmas performance at Old Town Coffee:

Thanks for the good times you guys! I was pleasantly surprised; I was expecting to hear all the stories you told in winters past, and there you go, telling a whole new set. Caught most of yours on film - would you be interested in either my sending you a dvd of the evening or posting it onto YouTube (only with your permission, that is)?

Amanda Lightfoot

This is SURE to be a lot of fun!

Jan Bramlett

Carpathian Christmas Ghost Stories! I'm in!

Amy Thomson Woolace

My wife, Litara Angeli, just shattered my reality because she told me you have a day job in between story telling & cafe hopping.

How could you do this to me, Carmethien?! Cersepian. Carbunkle. Cermudgen.

WHY YOU SHATTER THINGS, LITARA?! Isn't it enough that I can't speak the name? Now you tell me he has a day job?!

We're coming to Humboldt soon. You must blow her mind now. Make up a story about you quitting the day job. I'll buy you pastries.

Jack Savage

I think there might be a misunderstanding, Good Sir. I, as a spectre, have no day job - or rather, my day job is being a spectre! (My night job too.) My human companion and webmaster Bob, who's kind enough to let me use his Facebook account, does have a day job. After all, he does have to rent the webspace for my online crypt! He also has a few night jobs too, but that's besides the point...

Does Carpathian play chess?

Amanda Lightfoot

Actually, I do play chess, although the true expert is my Cousin, as told in many a fable and story. (The photo posted below was from the Medieval Festival of Courage some years back in Blue lake, CA. I was playing chess, and my two young friends were sharing giggling secrets behind me. The picture ended up in the newspaper The Times-Standard.)

Dear friend Carpathian,

Thank you for the wonderful storytelling this evening. As always, it was very enjoyable to hear you tell your tales, and even the ones that I've heard before, I do love because the familiar story is a comforting one. I would like to, at some point, have my family, my parents and my sisters, come to hear you at one of your showings if ever they have the chance. They live several hours away and so only visit occasionally, but I know they would appreciate your tales as well.

I am so glad that you liked the drawing I made for you. I had a sense that you have a fondness for the younger listeners, and that your stories are especially meaningful for children because they often carry a bit of wisdom or advice to walk away with. The image attached is a scan from the original; I then enhanced the contrast to deepen the shadows, as graphite can only go so dark, and I minimized the image to 1/4 its original size (the scan was very large). I hope that this will work for you, but if you have any need for the larger image, or even the original unaltered scan, I'd be happy to send that your way. You are welcome to use or display this however you like; I am (obviously) a great admirer of your work, and if my art can help bring more listeners to your audience, then it will have been put to good use.

Thank you again for sharing your stories and inspiring me to make more art! I look forward to your Christmas tales, and have a joyous holiday season this year :)


Amanda Lightfoot-Wright

P.S. Might I also say that I absolutely loved your rendition of "She Moved Through the Fair" at the last event. I had never heard you sing before, but it was beautiful and haunting. Well done!

Thank you, my Dear, and thank you again for the marvelous picture! (The last event referred to was Telebration at the Eureka Inn in November, hosted by my human companion and fellow storyteller Paul Woodland.)

Regarding the creation of The Necrofeast for the December Holidays:

Hello Mr. Carpathian, I am The Professor Bones Macabre of The Monster Matinee Buffet... Long story short...The Necrofeast has been a secret festival among us ghouls for a very long time. It was our human advocate, CJ White, who decided to unearth its macabre customs in a "softer light" on behalf of the living... Did you have a chance to read about all of The Necrofeast's customs on the info page?

Professor Bones

Monster Matinee Buffet

I did indeed, Professor, and included them in my THOUGHTS & REVERIES Essay for the Holiday Season!

Is there a way to subscribe to your website so that when you update the calendar or your thoughts and reveries I can be reminded to check it out?  I looked around but didn't see such thing but perhaps it was hiding in a crypt; I did not explore or behind a cob web in a darkened corner.  I am sorry that I missed you at North coast story tellers this year and your seasonal tellings elsewhere.  I tend not to read the NCJ in a timely fashion. 


Ann Hunt

You didn't really miss anything, my Dear; I wasn't part of the NCS event this year; indeed, I haven't been part of it for some time now. (Though I do miss it!) You suggestion is a very good one; I am looking into that possibility, and will let everyone know what I discover. (Being a Luddite spectre I need some help in that regards!)

From The All Hallows Fantasy Faire:


This was such a fantastic picture I had to send to send it to you! It was lovely seeing you! 

Best of wishes to you! Utopia Con was amazing! I've never seen a city this big so I'm still rather shocked. The people here were lovely and tomorrow I go home to California.

Thank you for your thoughts,

Sincerely and evermore,

Olivia Nevermore

Thank you so much for the photo, my Sweet! I hope to see you again at next year's Faire, or at wanderings in between!

Some of my human companions responded to the announcement of my annual Halloween performance at Old Town Coffee:

"So witch I could be there...."

Hayden Loralye Hathaway-WillowRaven

"OOoooooOoooooo.... this looks good! In Eureka . There's so much going on for Halloween! I'm adding this to my "maybe" list."

Calleaghn Kinnamon

Ray O'Bannon, creator of RavensBlight, wrote after I selected his site as my LINK of the Month:

Greetings, Carpathian.

I'm very glad to hear you've been enjoying my website, and many thanks for the links. I've only had a brief look at your site (will return when I've time to enjoy it all) but it looks like lots of fun. Particularly liked the painting 'The Costume', that could have been me back in the 60s. I'll have to surf up this Jeff Preston fellow, looks like he does good stuff. Anyhow, thanks for writing, much appreciated. I try to add something to ravensblight each month so stay tuned for more.

Have Fun,


And you as well, Good Sir! Please keep up the good work, and say hello to the other residents of RavensBlight!

"Carpathian! I'm so sorry we missed you! I feel awful. We could have put you up at our place. There's always room for our favorite Patient Creature."

Litara Angeli

That's quite all right, my Dear. There will be ample performances in the future, so long as the creek doesn't rise…

Greetings Carpathian!

I just saw your calendar entry for the Ballyhoo show. Nicely done! Thanks so much.

Very much looking forward to seeing you!
LBR (Lord Blood-Rah)

And you, sir! It was a wonderful time, and I hope to participate in more events in that marvelous venue in the future!

Hi Carpathian! Is it Halloween yet? ?

Litara Angeli

Soon, my Sweet...very soon!

My thoughts on the Aurora tragedy brought these comments from some companions:

Wonderfully written and thoughtful, as always, my friend!

A Ghastlee Ghoul


Sally Zombie

I received two missives from some friends in the Bay Area of California:

I could use a hug from my favorite Spectre right now! I miss you Carpathian! Much love, from the Savage Jack here in Oakland . ?

Savage Jack Truant

I <3 you!

Litara Angeli

I heart you, too!

Two new companions visited my SCREENING ROOM to listen to my stories:

I'm not even finished watching this video and I have to say it's awesome. Storytelling is so dead these days.


Wonderful! I eagerly hope to hear more storytelling from the Carpathian!


Thank you, my Friends! I hope to have more stories available after this October Season!

On the tragic passing of legendary author Ray Bradbury, from the creator of the Facebook “HP Lovecraft Appreciation Group”:

Bradbury's is a terrible loss. I haven't read him in many years, even though his "Martian Chronicles" contain some of the best and wisest science fiction I've ever read (and doesn't HPL Himself make an appearance in one of the stories?); "Something Wicked This Way Comes" is one of my favorite (non-Lovecraftian) dark fantasies.

BTW: I always click on the link to the latest "Castle of..." but this is the first time I've noticed the many internal links. You really put a lot into your site, don't you! Hope you get better feedback for all your efforts than this lifeless group provides.

Jim Khennedy

Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Khennedy; I'm so glad when my visitors enjoy their stay!

The beautiful Screavina Ghoul, Scream Queen and fixture of the Portland Oregon Macabre Scene, sent an invitation to an event I was unfamiliar with:

Thanks and screams My Horrible. I hope to see you at eh West Coast Haunters convention this year. ;-)

Screamvina Ghoul

I was well aware of the East Coast event, but knew little of the one on this side of the country. Sadly, I was unable to attend this year, but I will make an extra effort in 2013!

Hi there Carpathian,

I have not been back to visit Humboldt in many a moon, but one of my fondest memories of my living there is stumbling upon you in the record store or coffee shop during the Arts Alive festivities with a group of friends that went by the name Le Coven de Gothique.  These days, living in the Bay Area, I think of you and often find myself re-telling my husband and local friends some of my favorite stories of yours.
My husband has trouble remembering your name and sometimes refers to you as Cornelius, Copernicus or Chrysanthemum.  So, in an effort to help him, we made this -- I've attached the file --.  It seems to have worked! .....It had fire in it too at one point but I don't know where it went...

Two Patient Creatures by the names Litara Angeli and Jack Savage

What a pleasure to hear from you both; I truly enjoy your memory device, and am happy to share it with everyone else who may have trouble discerning the difference.

Thank you so much--glad to help spark one of your best essays ever (and it wasn't the DARK SHADOWS one... even though I've got your back on THAT)!

Shane M Dallmann

Mr. Dallmann was intsrumental in inspiring my April THOUGHTS & REVERIES essay.

Thank you, Sir! It;s very high praise coming from as knowledgeable a crtici as yourself.

I received more responses to my essay on JOHN CARTER and DARK SHADOWS than anything else I've written. Here are some samples:

Did you just 'meh.' JOHNNY DEPP... PLAYING BARNABAS COLLINS?!?!?!?

Dems fightin words.

However, I FULL-HEARTedly agree that John Carter was probably brilliant... because Tim Riggins is dreamy and it looks like he was sans shirt for a good bit of the film.

I can absolutely review movies on your website if you need me to ;-p

Miss Scarlett

I'm a die hard dark shadows fan. As much as I like Johnny Depp I don't see him as Barnabas. There's only ONE Jonathan Frid.

Lori Listman Mack

It was an awesome movie....I've never read the books and had no trouble following the story! We LOVED it!!! Definitely see it on the big screen!

Connie Barker-Allman

Just read your essay, you are so right, I have been saying for years that
Burton is over rated!! His "Planet of the Apes" remake was a urine stain on the world of fantasy! I don't go see anything with his name on it!!

Rock Savage

Nice column! Just saw "John Carter" (notice how the "...of Mars" DOES appear in the credits?) and loved it. Think I'd call it the "Cleopatra" or "Ben Hur" of space movies. I was very, very disappointed by the trailer for the new "Dark Shadows." I have a much higher opinion of Tim Burton's work than you, but was dismayed to see that he appears to have fallen to very low "comedy" to desecrate the classic source material.

Jim Khennedy
H P Lovecraft Appreciation Group

Shocked and Aghast I am…You see Tim Burton is a great talent though I conceded there are better however an argument can be made there are none better than my personal favorite(s) Alfred Hitchcock and my great love, Vincent Price. But times are different and I yield to you that your knowledge of horror and horror writers is far greater than mine. I still say in my meek and lesser of talents (only being a published gothic poet, I'm just saying…) Tim Burton has merit and I am going to see the spoof on one of my favorite childhood night time soaps. Bloody kisses ^V^.

Hayden Hathaway

YAY!! CARPATHIAN on video telling his tales!!! Thank you for making videos!!! To see Carpathian telling his tales, makes me most happy!!!

The Diva Of The Dark

I've very pleased you like them, My Diva. Longtime visitors will recognize the Hostess of Humboldt County's Goth radio show EARLY MORNING ZOMBIE TIME.

Carpathian, you once again remind me why I love your ghoulish self so much. Thank you for another inspiring year in review and a reminder of what this season is all about. Giving.

Travis Prinslow

You're very kind, sir! Thank you! I just like to think of myself as an embodiment of that famous Christmas spirit...

About 6 months ago a friend sent me a Horror Host Underground Special and I saw your Thanksgiving appearance. I thought you really stood out and loved the "carving of the turkey" (movie). I also saw you overseeing the wedding of A. Ghastlee Ghoul. I did inquire about you and someone told me you were in California doing live shows. Just from what I saw, you are VERY talented and I am so glad to have the opportunity to tell you this. I live in Chicago , but hope that I'll be able to see more of your work someday. All the best to you and the Patient Creatures!

Dave Fuentes

Thank you so much! I don't hear a great deal from the other Creatures these days (they're quite busy with their own activities), but the Spooky Movie Thanksgiving Leftover Special was one of our favorite productions; we are very proud to have been a part of it. We got to become friends with so many wonderful HorrorHosts (A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Halloween Jack, Dr. Sarcofaguy and Dr. Gangrene) and we had so much fun!  

For more news about your favorite HorrorHosts and their schedules of appearances, log onto Dave Fuentes weekly report TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES at www.terrordaves.wordpress.com.

Dear Carpathian,

I do not know if you remember me at all but my name is Ethan and you use to always tell me the story of Jack-O-Lantern at Adventure World in Maryland . Me and my family think about you every year and hope you will be returning to Maryland soon. You were always a special part of our Halloween and it would be a great pleasure to see you again.

Thank You and Happy Halloween,
Ethan Casey

Of course I remember you, and your wonderful family! I hope you're still enjoying the park during October, and rest assured “The Tale Of Jack O'Lantern” is still part of the repertoire. I do hope to make my way back there someday…!

Brains Misses You…

Remember me. . .still looking for the horse in Adventure World . . . miss u all so much . . .

love always . . .

It's been so long! I miss and love you too, my Dear Zombie! Don't worry; the horse is still there; I promise!

Sorry I couldn't stay for the rest of the reading but 0230 comes very early when you've been us since 0530. I just wanted to thank you again for both the reading and the publicity. I expect we'll be doing more readings in the coming year and hope you'll be able to participate.


David is the acting President of the Science Fiction Club of Humboldt; I've done several readings with them, most recently of short stories that became episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and STAR TREK!

Hello Carpathian, my name is Ashley. I've been interested in your site since I first came across it Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Where I live, in Wisconsin, the wind is currently whistling loudly in the trees. That's what makes for a scary atmosphere, doesn't it? It's a pity the Patient Creatures rarely, if ever, haunt Wisconsin as I think you would be very happy here, and find many new friends. I myself am also a story weaver, so let me know if you would like to read one of my little "scribblings"

Please, forgive my rambling, I am a tad nervous, writing you for the first time. I would love to read some of your stories sometime, and maybe some year you can come to Wisconsin and visit.

A Kindred Spirit,

I didn't find those ramblings at all, my Dear, but a very nice and heartfelt letter; I admire your description of the spooky Wisconsin evenings! I've not journeyed there, but I'm certain I would enjoy myself immensely! I would very much enjoy reading your stories; do feel free to send them to me!

Miss Scarlett loved the latest Camera Obscura... sends her love... but would like to discuss the term "daffy" with you... immediately ;-p

You are daffy, my Darling Vampire; always have been, always will be. It's a term of deep endearment, believe me…


My two year old daughter met you last year at Faerieworlds Festival and really adores you! She has not stopped talking about you all year. We were hoping to see you there this year and she looked all over for you and we soon realized you were not there this year. I hope you come back next year, she would love to see you again and is your biggest fan...

Pixie Moss

I'm touched and delighted that your daughter remembers and misses me! Please give her all my affectionate regards! I was not invited back again this year, but I do hope to see her and all my fae friends again very soon!

Greetings Carpathian and all those lurking in the dark shadows....

I would like to introduce myself, I am Petunia Scareum, aka Pete, aka Trick or Treat Pete if you please, guardian of the website Deadly Serious (http://trickortreatpete.blogspot.com). Being the Ghost Writer that I am, my site is dedicated to horror, sci fi, comic book, fantasy, and Halloween books, TV, cartoons, movies, conventions, and whatever pops into my pretty little undead head. Come and see what I dig up for you to enjoy! You can contact me at trikrtreatpete@hotmail.com.

Dreaded Dreams to all, and to all a Fright Night!
Trick or Treat Pete

Greetings to you as well! I enjoy your site, and hope my viewers will peruse your writings, Ms. Pete!

hmm do you have any stories on the Carpathians of long ago? are you a Carpathian? may i see pic of you without your makeup on? where on the east coast do you travel? do you ever tell stories of princes,gysys, or vampires? w/b/s p.s .a friend of mine said hes been admira of u since 2006 he wants to be actor. he showed me your website today. you got my interest now. this is site he showed me of u>>> http://www.patientcreatures.com/MenuPage.html
Morgana Shadow Eyes

I'm sorry; I don't know any tales of the historical, human Carpathians; I suppose technically I am one, but only in the spiritual sense.

Makeup? What makeup?

I do have a wide variety of tales containing princes, gypsies and vampires; sometimes with all three! And please thank your friends for their kindness and support, and I wish him well with his acting ambitions!

Regarding the afore-mentioned illustration featured in your Camera Obscura Archives, March - April 2009: This is the work of the legendary Irish artist, Harry Clarke. Harry also designed some of the most awesome stained glass windows that grace the cathedrals of Ireland. Check out a more complete collection of his work in Tales of Mystery & Imagination (ISBN 978-1-84193-946-9).

Auntie Sue

Thank you so much for the information! I've updated the illustration in my essay on the Edgar Allen Poe Reading! It was much appreciated, and I will look for more of his fine work!

"I've been impressed with Carpathian; not only his storytelling, but his patience and demeanor. When a small child interrupts him to chat about something completely random, the gentle ghoul takes the time to listen and respond congenially even if it's right in the middle of a story. Kudos on that. We're looking forward to another ghostly encounter tonight if the little ones are up for it."

Plato Clifford

Thank you for your very kind words; my very best to you and your lovely family!

Dear Carpathian, I saw you at the Story Tellers fair at Trinidad a couple weeks ago with my dad, Travis Duke. Me and my father thought you were the best. I think your training is way off the charts. I still mention you as a movie actor, scary story teller, rapper and comedian. You're the best dang guy I've known at the place. I saw your website and it was brilliant. I actually got taken by surprise by you and I thought it was great. I still talk about you and I explained about you to my friends at EHS and my family at home. Thank you on the suspenseful stories. I hope I will see you again someday.

Your Friend, Tucker Duke

Keep up the good work and rock on, dude!

I'm speechless; thank you so much, and you may rock on as well!

Hi Carpathian--we were @ Storytelling by the Sea this past weekend & I have should have asked you then but...
I'd like to know if you have any copies of your CD for sale, I have a cassette tape of yours but we don't have a tape player anymore!
we really enjoyed hearing you this w/e. I'm really happy that you told the "coffin" story, we heard it years ago with Paul Woodland telling it and I couldn't remember it that well so now it's fresh in the brain
hope to hear from you soon
~cristina ramirez

Thank you for attending the Festival! I'm sorry, but my first CD 3 TALES OF CARPATHIAN is completely out of print. I should definitely work on the next one; it's well-past due!

Hello my Friend,

I hope that all is well in your world.

I truly enjoyed your character and performance at FaerieWorlds this year.
I also appreciate your care and proessionalsim when you work.

I hope to see you at FaerieCon if you can make it.

Mark Lewis
Laughing Moon Productions

Thank you so much for your kind words, Sir! The pleasure was all mine! (Mark Lewis is an award-winning storyteller who has appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW!)

come from the crypt of the grave i see.
a ghostly dream you don't know me
I am Knackers come for you
I may have you for pumpkin stew 
Santa knaws on you tonight!


Kalex saw your show last night and loved it!  He is a big fan of monsters.  We found the article and picture for the show in the Tri-City Weekly North Coast Holiday Happenings.  Kalex does not have his own MySpace (he's 8) so he is using mine to send you this poem that he wrote.  Have a Freaky Horrorday!

Thank you so much for your poem, Kaylex! It was a splendid way to wrap up the holidays, and the year! I am more than honored!

Hi Carpathian,

Duncan wanted to send a shout out to you and says he misses seeing you here on the east coast.  If you remember, Duncan is the small blonde haired boy who followed you all around Horrorfind a couple of years back.  He is 9 now but wished he could hear one of your stories.  He is glad that he has been able to see some new pictures of you.

Take care!

(written by Duncan 's mom)

Greetings, Duncan! I'm so happy that you found me again! I would be delighted to tell you a private story; look for one on its way!

I've perused your new site and found it most enjoyable.

I whole heartedly agree with your thoughts on the modern horror offerings, it is sad that we're stealing away from culture one of our most age old venues for fear, our imaginations. The need for our society to have delivered to its mental doorstep prepackaged and instant visualization of what is, most certainly pales to the days of yore when your mind was left to conceive of what was and what could be.

Those quiet strolls down dark streets and paths, when the wind in the trees planted the seeds of what might be whispering in the dark, surely a moment lost to today's youth with their ever present ipods barraging their brain with the latest musical machinations...  but I digress,  I was talking about your new website and its contents.  I noticed the walls of your Twilight Gallery a tad bare and so thought I'd share with you a photograph, from a chilled spring evening out side my Ice Lair here in the Northern Hemisphere.

As often does, the Northern Lights where providing a most ethereal and mesmerizing display of the heavens glory, and while capturing some photographs of the event, I noticed this spectral soul amongst the procession. Indeed the outstretched arms and the robe it wears seem very reminiscent to your own choice of apparel. As such I thought I'd forward a copy to you, as perhaps it may be a relative of yours and find a place in your family album.

Kindest regards,

Thank you, my Friend. Your photo does indeed make the Twilight Gallery's walls more colorful. As for the imaginations of our audience, I do my very best to exercise them as regularly as possible!

Welcome back!

Far too long has the web been without its Patient Creatures!! You were desperately missed, Carpathian old friend! As were all the Patient Creatures!!

Ghoulishly Yours,

The Patient Creature who now haunts Florida ...
Madame Mortem

Another Creature heard from! Many thanks, my Dear. We always seem to find ourselves on opposite coasts!

The return of my website prompted some greetings from members of the HorrorHost Underground:

Congratulations on the return of your site.  It looks marvelous! 
Have a delightful weekend.
-Penny Dreadful

Excellent, my friend! We all need a regular dose of the walking ghost
in our lives!
-A. Ghastlee Ghoul

T'was grand t'see yer back among th' livin' (so t'speak)...an may I say what a grand site ya have.  So--welcome back...
Her screamin' self--
Moira, Creatures East

Us creatures is patient. Congrats!
-Creepy Clyde

And whaddya know... CARPATHIAN AND THE PATIENT CREATURES just HAPPEN to have the next guest slot at the MANOR in celebration (courtesy of Madame Mortem's show...)!
-Remo D, The Manor of Mayhem

Thank you, my Friends! It's good to be back!


Would you like to send a missive via Scare Mail? Simply email me at carpathian@patientcreatures.com and we'll deposit you in our Dead Letter Office!


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